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Infoterra Offers New Digital Imagery

Infoterra take delivery of new pushbroom digital camera to deliver airborne data more efficiently.

EADS Astrium, through its world leading geo-information business
Infoterra, has invested in new technology which will allow aerial
photography to be captured and delivered faster than ever before.
Unlike frame cameras, the ADS40 is able to
capture a seamless strip of digital imagery over large areas. Using a
three-line stereo sensor, the camera can simultaneously capture
red-green-blue and colour infra-red imagery, providing the rapid
production of both orthophotos and surface elevation models.
Earlier this year a trial was undertaken in England, where 1,400 square
kilometres of Berkshire was successfully captured using the ADS40. The
trial produced 16 lines of imagery that were seamlessly mosiaced into a
single image within a week. Conventional aerial data capture would have
processed approximately 1,400 individual images and would have taken
approximately six to eight weeks to complete.
Infoterra Ltd. will operate the new camera
on behalf of Infoterra Global and the data will then be processed using
the ISTAR Pixel Factory™, a highly automated production process. The
combination of the ADS40 and the ISTAR Pixel Factory will provide
customers with the rapid provision of imagery, which has already been
demonstrated in a number of projects carried out across Europe.
Applications such as land use evaluation,
habitat analysis and agricultural management will benefit from the
functionality and efficiency of the system. For example, a single
image, including infra-red data, allows vegetation discrimination both
in terms of species and health, which in valuable for monitoring
purposes. Many other applications will benefit including environmental
“EADS Astrium has always been at the
forefront of new technologies and this new investment in the latest
airborne digital camera means we can accurately capture large expanses
of land in a single fly-past. This fast turnaround will allow us to
make the most of weather opportunities around the world and provide
efficient data acquisition and processing to our customers” says Marc
Tondriaux, Chairman, Infoterra Global.
Tondriaux continues, “The ADS40 technology, which is more closely
related to a satellite sensor that any existing aerial photography
camera, will compliment our existing product portfolio and will help
address global monitoring environment and security applications.”
About EADS Astrium
EADS Astrium is the European leader in space activities,
with companies in France, Germany, UK and Spain. Beyond its main
activity of satellite manufacturer, which encompasses the prime
contractorship of major earth observation satellites such as SPOT,
HELIOS and TERRASAR, EADS Astrium develops geospatial applications and
services to promote the operational use of space and airborne E.O.
data. These activities are handled within its subsidiaries gathered
under the umbrella of Infoterra Global group.
About Infoterra Global
A 100% EADS Astrium company, Infoterra
Global is one of the world‘s leading suppliers of value-added products
and services derived from satellite and aerial remotely sensed data.
INFOTERRA GLOBAL group is composed of:
- Infoterra Ltd. based in Leicester and Farnborough (U.K.), a leading provider of geospatial products and services.
- Infoterra GmbH based in Friedrichshafen (Germany), the lead provider of TerraSAR-X radar satellite imagery.
Infoterra SAS based in Toulouse (France), an innovator in digital data
processing automation – such as the fully automated Pixel Factory
satellite and aerial data processing chain. EADS Astrium Earth
Observation, developing national spatial data infrastructures.
In addition to this, Infoterra Global,
through EADS, owns 40% of the world leading data distributor SPOT IMAGE
thus providing a unique “one-stop-shop” data service to its clients.
Infoterra Global counts amongst its clients major blue-chip companies,
as well as national and local government and international
organizations such the European Union and European Space Agency. The
group operates across a comprehensive range of thematic markets.
For more information contact
Simon Corbett, Edelman,
+44 (0) 20 7344 1349,
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(Text credits Infoterra-global. Image credits UK perspectives)