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RapidEye AG installs a parabolic reflector for contact with satellites

RapidEyeTM has taken another major stride toward a new dimension in geo-information products and services.

“When our five earth-observation satellites are in orbit in 2007, we will be able to offer data products and services that previously were unavailable at this extent and level of quality,” Chief Executive Wolfgang G. Biedermann said, looking forward to the coming year.
The satellites will be launched into space from Baikonur, Kazakhstan, with a Russian rocket. The parabolic reflector in Brandenburg will then handle monitoring and controlling of the earth-observation satellites.
The initial innovation offered by the RapidEye system is the ability to reach any point on the Earth daily. If weather blocks the satellites’ view, the system can make another attempt to get the picture 24 hours later.
RapidEye products and services are particularly useful for agriculture and forestry, in the areas of energy and environment, for cartographic businesses and for government agencies and organizations. Vegetation stands can be recorded, as well as hail damage or the results of other natural disasters. This allows forecasting of harvesting, inspection of environmental agreements and production of up-to-date maps of even the most remote areas of the world.
For more information or photos, please call Mr. Axel Penndorf at +49 (0) 3381 8904-506.
( Source Rapideye)