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PREVIEW ‘Special Delivery Meeting’ Assesses Mid-Project Point Progress

Infoterra France, PREVIEW project coordinator, announces promising first phase results for this 45 month programme. In the frame of GMES programme, PREVIEW aims to improve, enhance and develop geo-information services, based on satellite monitoring and other observation techniques, for risk management users to manage natural and man-made disasters.

The latest progress meeting, which took place on November 29-30, 2006 in Toulouse’s Cité de l’Espace, gathering representatives from several European countries, confirmed that first phase objectives, which included defining service specifications based on user needs, developing Products and Services tested by civil protection users in real-world regional platforms, were all completed on time and with great satisfactory results.
Preliminary findings were presented by user groups that started evaluations this past summer and who will continue until April 2007, which will officially mark the beginning of phase two. Early user-driven participation, comprised of 8 selected test sites in Europe, was essential to this development programme as feedback will be continually applied to improve and refine services in the programme’s second phase that also aims to streamline operational systems.
By employing an iterative development procedure, the large consortium (58 partners from 15 countries), of individuals working on this project including the scientific community, service operators, industrial companies and user’s themselves, aims at producing the most advanced information services reflecting realistic and accurate civil security needs that can be expanded throughout Europe and eventually the whole world.
“With PREVIEW services integrated within existing civil protection systems, we are better armed to approach all the essential phases of risk management, from prevention to post-crisis and recovery in a harmonized and Page 2 2 / 2 coherent manner “, says Colonel Nardin, Chief of International Relations of the French Civil Security Services based in Paris that coordinates the user group for the PREVIEW project. “ This programme greatly improves cross-border interoperability which is a huge advantage for international interchanges. Although we speak different languages, the ability to use the same efficient services, data and programmes will immensely facilitate communication in joint efforts like battling cross-border fires for example “, he added.
“This is a major risk management project for the European Commission as it possesses an enormous potential in terms of human, economic and environmental protection and conservation. It is fully supporting the development of services as realised through the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security initiative” says Mrs Bernot European Commission Project Officer. “We are very optimistic about the prospect of exporting these same solutions to extra-European countries, thereby responding to a strong and growing demand for security and safety systems worldwide. “PREVIEW will be a leading element by contributing to the competitiveness of the European industry on global export markets” concluded Mr Darroy Chief Executive Officer of Infoterra France coordinator of the PREVIEW consortium.
About Infoterra France
Infoterra France is specialising in the production of cartographic data and development of applications and services using Earth Observation imagery. The company deliver services to a wide range of users in various economic sectors, such as government and local authorities, defence, telecommunications, agriculture and environment, and develops dedicated cartographic solutions (data and RISKFRAME GIS application) for risk and crises management.
Infoterra France is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EADS Astrium. The company is part of the Infoterra Group, which comprises companies in France, Germany and the United Kingdom with over 300 employees.
EADS Astrium and Infoterra are strongly involved in the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) programme, a major initiative of European Commission (EC) and the European Space Agency (ESA). As coordinator of the RISK-EOS and PREVIEW projects, Infoterra France is leading the service activities supporting risks management and response to emergencies.
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PREVIEW is a research and development project, co-funded by the European Commission and by the project participants, looking for new techniques to better protect European citizens against environmental risks and to reduce their consequences. It is addressing floods, forest fires, storms, landslides, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and chemical pollution. PREVIEW is part of GMES (Global Monitoring Environment and Security) 1 , a concerted effort to bring data and information providers together with users, to make environmental and security-related information available to the people who need it through enhanced or new services.
REVIEW gathers 58 partners (end users, industry, public institutes, research centres and universities) from 15 countries.
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