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Platform4i by Geo4i

Geo4i company is proud to announce the achievement of its geospatial platform. This SaaS is dedicated to the integration, exploitation, displaying, analysis and sharing of geolocated timestamped mass data from multiple sources.

Multi sources platform: Make timestamped analyzes by comparing all databases available and the timeline.

Mass data exploitation: the system instantly displays more than 5 million points on the map.

Dataviz tool: on the fly heatmap treatment on data.

Classification of a database: display and discriminate useful information from your database.

Quick integration et vectorization: thanks to its specific data models and input information guide, it’s very easy and fast to describe any element of interest like site (airfield, harbor, nuclear site…) or activity (ship, aircraft, land vehicle…).

Automated treatments: from the platform, order products by defining dates and areas of interest. Calculation and integration are fully automated.
Products available are generation of coherence map, detection of active fires, detection of ships on sea.

Raster displaying: On the fly spectral bands mix and calculation from satellite images.