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Actionable geoinformation to identify risks in water and sewage networks with Rheticus Network Alert

Water and sewer network risks can be accurately identified, today, using RADAR satellites, which monitor millimeter displacements on ground surface that could indicate leaking pipes. Planetek Italia has developed Rheticus® Network Alert is a new Smart M.App, designed for organizations and professionals working in utilities network, engineering and network operations, to get accurate information about infrastructures stability.

Available on the store of Hexagon Geospatial, Network Alert identifies up-to-date risks in water and sewage networks by using RADAR satellite data to identify areas of ground instability that could indicate leaking pipes. With Network Alert, you can quickly determine the locations of concern and act upon the information.

Warning alerts and geo-analytics let operators prioritize inspection and maintenance activities, increasing efficiency and lowering total management costs.

Using the power of the Hexagon Smart M.App, Planetek Italia has developed this unique service, to deploy Rheticus®, its cloud-based platform that delivers automatic geo-information services, designed to provide accurate data and up-to-date information about our changing world.

The Rheticus geoinformation service uses a series of industry-focused Hexagon Smart M.Apps to deliver timely and accurate information to professionals and decision makers for their operations. Whether monitoring vertical displacement on the ground to identify potential problems in water and sewage pipelines or keeping track of coastal seawater quality, the Smart M.Apps delivered by Rheticus provide industry-focused answers and present information in a visual and compelling way.

Features and Benefits of Rheticus® Network Alert:

  • Immediate Insight: Warning alerts let you easily assess the level of displacement in each segment of your network.
  • Reduced Costs and Increased Efficiency: Network Alert optimizes pipeline inspection planning, letting you send field crews to areas of concern.
  • Continuous Monitoring & Frequent updates: Based on the continuous satellite monitoring of ground movements and displacements, Network Alert provides accurate and updated information on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • High Precision Measurements: Millimetric measurements of ground displacement also record movement velocity and rate of acceleration
  • Total area monitoring: Network Alert uses satellite imagery to monitor water and sewer networks across your entire area, optimizing field inspections across vast expanses.
  • Satellite images: Displacements are measured by satellite, so there is no need for additional devices in the field. This highly reliable RADAR satellite data is collected frequently and quickly converted into business intelligence insights.
  • Displacement trend analysis: Combined archive and current satellite data identify trends in ground displacement.
  • Actionable information: After detection of an alarm on a segment, use reports to send technical teams to the field with the information they need to respond quickly.
  • Subscription updates: A subscription service ensures that your information is always up-to-date. The service provides periodic updates (monthly or quarterly) for your area of interest. Subscribed users get immediate access to network stability as measured through the last year of satellite images, plus timely image updates.

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