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Open EARSC Research Area

EARSC research area , where you will be able to find information, partners, ideas – for developing your research project proposal, has been prepared and the opening to public access has been adapted.

The Portal provides a Community focus toll offering the ability to exchange information on EO services amongst registered users. Find documents in the library, post announcements or insert one page description (ppt or jpg) of your organisation (expertise, interested topics, expected consortium..etc) on the message wall, chat to other people in the lounge, learn in the classroom and when you are ready to develop your proposal further you can book a meeting room where you can discuss in more detail away from everyone else.

To be eligible to participate to the Portal, you must be engaged in the use, supply of or research into geo-information products coming from data and imagery collected using remote sensing platforms e.g satellites, aerial UAV’s. It is a restricted community with each user accredited by the administrators according to the guidelines and abuse of user rights will result in access rights being taken away.

Be ready for geo-networking at the following link