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Discount for small of new companies joining EARSC

EARSC is a non-profit-making organisation created in 1989 with the mission to foster the development of European Geo-Information Service Industry. Our main objective is to stimulate a sustainable market for geo-information services using EO data. Today, EARSC has more than 75 members in 23 countries, and is a recognized association both in Europe and worldwide.

EARSC represents the European providers of geo-information services creating a network between industry, decision-makers and users. We consider that the market is at a crucial stage of development as Earth observation becomes more frequently used by society and adds positive value to our daily lives.

Nevertheless, there are many issues, opportunities and threats facing industrial actors and, through a small secretariat, EARSC informs and involves its members though its website and newsletters, through the provision of web-tools, as well as organizing events.

Members tell us that they appreciate the opportunity to network with other similar companies/organizations and that this helps them develop new business opportunities as well as exchanging on best practices. They also like the regular flow of information as well as the knowledge that EARSC is able to influence EU and ESA policy when it is important for the sector.

For our members, the annual membership fee is a cost-effective way to stay informed and promote their company among other market sectors and communities.

The EARSC AGM has been agreed the following discount will apply for small, new companies (5 or less employees: formed in last 5 years)

  • First year €250 (33%)
  • Second year €500 (66%)
  • Third year €825 (100%)


Observer status has been extended to allow organisations close to the geo-information sector or non-European companies the possibility to engage with the European industry network through participation in EARSC ́s activities.

So whether your company’s objective is to increase awareness, reinforce your products and services, or identify new business opportunities, let EARSC membership to help voicing your company at institutional and commercial forums and be on communication channel.

If you want to have more details of EARSC membership please contact