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OGEOzine n.9 (magazine for the oil and gas industry using EO)

The 9 edition of Ogeozine has been launched. It brings two interesting success stories on
Surface Deformation MOnitoring with InSAR: In Salah CO2 Storage and Soft ground mapping: Western UAE

Welcome to the third edition of OGEOzine in 2015. Satellite images provide cheap, safe and easy access to our world from the comfort of our offices – important considerations independent of the market conditions, and we will see examples from Africa and the Middle East in this issue.

However it is not the satellite data that is important rather the availability of up-to date geo-information that can be easily used in the decision making process. So next time you are talking to someone about satellites focus on the information they are looking for rather than the beautiful pixels.

OGEOzine (n.9).pdf

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