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Geoff Sawyer Interview for Mercator Ocean

Geoff Sawyer, Secretary General of EARSC was a guest of honor at the Copernicus Marine Service User Workshop that took place in Brussels last September 8th 2015.

During the interview he granted, he expressed that among the 75+ EARSC members, a lot of companies are already using the Copernicus Marine Service and he was expecting their interest to grow as shown in a survey launched between 2012 and 2014 where the number of respondents who declared being interested in CMEMS as the basis for future business doubled.

For Geoff, CMEMS is for to help develop the economy, the industry and to position Europe in the world. 65% of service today is for public sector so the other opportunity to grow the other segments in commercial area, other industries, export, and potentially citizens is enormous.

To him, we are on a verge of an exciting new era of data explosion where we can see the potential for new markets so he believes that EARSC and Mercator Ocean and CMEMS can work together to design, to improve, to address those new markets, and to build a big benefit for Europe in economy growth and jobs.

Watch the interview of Geoff Sawyer, Secretary General of EARSC