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News from ITT Visual Information Solutions (ITT)

Recent Achivements

ITT Visual Information Solutions introduces ENVI 4.3
ENVI 4.3 makes getting information from imagery easier and faster than ever before. ENVI 4.3 introduces new options, automated functionality, and feature enhancements that allow image analysts and scientists to visualize and analyze images more quickly and easily. For image analysts who often need to quickly visualize and analyze imagery from multiple sources, ENVI 4.3 presents a new, intuitive user interface option that makes ENVI functionality more accessible than ever before. In addition, ENVI 4.3 includes new, automated tools for linear feature extraction, anomaly detection and spectral image classification that allow analysts to get information from imagery quickly without extensive image processing experience. Scientists and researchers choose ENVI based on its solid history of providing the best tools available for turning images into information. ENVI 4.3 adds to this capability with the introduction of a new, leading edge image classification method, new capabilities for detecting anomalies, and a new tool for generating RPCs quickly and easily.
ITT Visual Information Solutions introduces Intelligent Digitizer (ENVI 4.3)
Image analysts often need to locate and extract linear features from an image. In the past, digitizing each pixel manually was the only way to create a new vector layer – a tedious and time consuming process. Now, ENVI 4.3 introduces the Intelligent Digitizer, a semi-automated process for digitizing linear features in geospatial images. The Intelligent Digitizer allows ENVI users to: – Automatically create polyline vectors following linear features between user-specified seed points – Extract important linear features such as roads, coastlines, and rivers – Create new vector layers for quick output to a new vector file or to update existing databases
ITT Visual Information Solutions introduces ENVI Zoom
A new user interface option for ENVI ENVI 4.3 introduces a new, optional image viewing interface, called ENVI Zoom. This interface gives anyone who is familiar with Windows®-based applications an intuitive interface for viewing images and detecting anomalies, and in the near future for accessing ENVI’s suite of image exploitation tools. ENVI Zoom offers: – Quick access to image viewing capabilities for image analysts – New toolbars that include buttons, sliders, undo/redo, tool tips, and more – An ability to display layers and stack multiple images with on-the-fly reprojection – A new “portal” tool to look through one image layer and explore corresponding images – An easy way to perform view images without extensive image processing experience
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