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New version of pilot Copernicus online data access (CODA) service

On 23 February 2017, a new version of CODA was released by EUMETSAT.

The pilot CODA service is an online rolling archive with http access and 14 days of data online. It provides access to Sentinel-3 Level 1 and Level 2 global data in near real-time (NRT), short time critical (STC) & non time critical (NTC) latency mode.

Main enhancements

The new version of CODA will include the following main enhancements.

It will be possible to display a thumbnail image (Quicklook) showing a preview of the products. Quicklooks will be displayed in the list of search results in the main Map Tool (in order to have a quick overview of the search results) and also for every single product.

To access a single product’s Quicklook, click on ‘View Products Details’: a window will open displaying information about the selected file e.g. Footprint (Figure 1, orange arrow), Attributes (green arrow), Inspector (red arrow), and also a bigger version of the Quicklook (blue arrow).

Single file download

In the old version it was possible to download the complete product compressed in zip format only, the new version also supports download of manifest and single files contained in the product.

Click on ‘View Products Details’, a window with information about the file will open. In the section ‘Inspector’ you will find the list of the single files contained in the zip and a button to download every single file.

Sort/Order results

With this new version of CODA it will be possible to sort the results of a search using two parameters: Ingestion Date and Sensing Date. It will also be possible to display the sorted list in descending or ascending order.

Read the CODA User Guide

Access CODA

CODA can be accessed at

If you are a first time user, click on ‘Sign Up’. You will then be taken to EUMETSAT’s Earth Observation Portal where you will be able to request access to CODA.

If you don’t have an Earth Observation Portal (EOP) account, you will need to create one first. A CODA account will be set up and you will receive an email with your CODA account credentials within the next working day.

For more information, contact EUMETSAT User Service Helpdesk.