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New tools for advanced Sentinel 2 products selection

Gisat leads the SUCE project aiming at implementation of tools helping the EO community retrieve and effectively select optimal set of Sentinel 2 products based on tailored metadata analysis.

The main objectives of the SUCE project was to define a concept, an architecture and provide a prototype permitting to effectively select and download EO products from identified PDGS on the basis on advanced user criteria and analytics needs. Through the enhanced metadata analysis (cloud masks) the prototype permits to derive optimal set of EO products suitable for various applications (e.g. any mapping task where cloud free coverage is needed), avoiding both manual filtering and transfer of useless data.

The SUCE prototype was delivered at the end of 2016 as a web portal based tool. The tool was successfully demonstrated to Copernicus Services Account Managers and the discussions led to the definition of an activity for the upgrade and operational utilisation of the SUCE tool in support to the generation optical High-Resolution coverages of EEA-39 (HR_IMAGE_2015 dataset).

The main objectives of this follow-on activity (named SUCE-C, SUCE for Copernicus) were:

  • Put in place an automatic end-to-end processing chain able to ingest HR_IMAGE_2015 dataset metadata along with gaps layers;
  • Discover, access and download Sentinel 2 metadata from Copernicus DataHub (CopHub) catalogue directly, over predefined area of interest and time of interest;
  • Process available Sentinel 2 passes to derive most suitable coverage over the gap areas;
  • Improve SUCE algorithms so the users can choose multiple coverage types best meeting their needs;
  • Provide output packages including area of interest polygons associated with cloud free Sentinel 2 products, disseminated through Copernicus Services DataHub (CopHub) catalogue;
  • Deploy developed tools in ESA infrastructure – Payload Data Networks and Systems (PDNS) and provide it as a service for the EO Payload Data Segment (EO-PDS).

The SUCE project was funded by the European Space Agency under the GSTP programme. The project begun in February 2015 and ended in January 2017. The project continuation (SUCE-C) is funded under Copernicus DWH 2014-2020, started in July 2017, with the duration of 7 months, until January 2018. The project is led by Gisat as prime contractor and it is supported by TERRASIGNA as subcontractor.

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