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GEO-CRADLE in 2017

2017 was a very productive year for the GEO-CRADLE project.

During this year 8 regional workshops were organised in the region of interest (Balkans, Middle East and North Africa) towards the implementation of GEO, GEOSS and Copernicus, identifying the local challenges and needs that can be addressed with the Earth Observation (EO), enabling more informed decision making, while seeking solutions to enhance growth and innovation in the geo-information sector. Furthermore, the GEO-CRADLE partners participated in several conferences and workshops all over the world, disseminating the added value of the project, the GEO priorities, and the Copernicus services.

In addition, during 2017, GEO-CRADLE launched both its Networking Platform and its Regional Data Hub, which are publicly available online from the project’s portal. The Networking Platform provides a wealth of information on key EO stakeholders active in North Africa, Middle East, and the Balkans. The users can navigate through the profiles of stakeholders and be informed on the existing networks, capacities, skills, etc. in the entire region. Whilst the platform is primarily targeting stakeholders from the region, organisations from other countries are invited to become part of the network too. The Regional Data Hub provides access to both region-related datasets, portals, and services developed by a regional network of raw data providers, intermediate users/service providers, end-users from the industry, the academic and public sector from the region of interest, and, also, datasets and services directly fed from the GEOSS-portal. Discover the Networking Platform and the Regional Data Hub, register your profile and your data & services, and make the most of these opportunities!

Last but not least, GEO-CRADLE actively participated in the GEO Week 2017, 23-27 October 2017 in Washington D.C., USA, with a message “Fostering regional cooperation and roadmap for GEOSS and Copernicus”. GEO Week 2017, consisting of GEO-XIV Plenary, side events and exhibition, highlighted and promoted the role, applications and opportunities to use EO in delivering ‘Insight into a changing world. With a focus on delivery and impact, GEO Week 2017 explored the use and applications of EO in both the public and private sectors for the benefit of humankind.