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New service release of the pre-operational Copernicus marine environment monitoring service

After the service release that took place in April 2014, a new service release was delivered on 26 June 2014 by MyOcean 2

This new service release concerns both products and services:

  • Products: new and updated reanalysis and reprocessing products have been added to the catalogue as well as the integration of data coming from the Chinese satellite HY-2A (Haiyang-2A)
  • Services: advanced search functions in the catalogue have been implemented, navigation on the web portal has been improved as well as the viewing functionality and an authenticated MyOcean FTP download mechanism is now available for all ARCTIC, NORTHWESTSHELF and SEAICE products.

The release also includes a brand new version of the web portal. Visit to discover it.

MyOcean 2 is the EU-funded project responsible for the implementation of the pre-operational version of the Copernicus marine environment monitoring service.