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New land cover mapping of Sweden

(2013-01-07) Metria continues to strengthen the co-operation with national agencies in need of updated land cover and land use information. Our heritage of using Earth Observation data to map nature types and landscapes will ensure high-quality mapping as well as developing of efficient tools.

Metria co-operate with the main national agencies to gather user requirements for an updated national mapping of land cover and land use. The existing land cover database is outdated and there are several needs for using updated land cover information, for example in environmental monitoring and statistics of land use.

The project is funded by European Space Agency (ESA) and started with a two-day joint workshop where all users discussed their requirements for the mapping, but also for updating of the information.

It is inspiring with the broad user interactions, says Camilla J├Ânsson , Metria project manager

The two-year contract will map about 100 000 km2 of Sweden, but also develop tools for efficient land cover and land cover change alert mapping.