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INSA: Extension of SMOS contract for operations and data processing

In November 2012, INSA has been selected by the European Space Agency to continue with the work carried out for SMOS for two more years.

Since the launch of the ESA’s SMOS mission in November 2009, a French team and a Spanish team are responsible for its operations. The Spanish team is at the European Space Astronomy Center in Villafranca del Castillo, where the Mission’s Operations and Data Processing Center is located, consisting of the Agency’s operations personnel and professionals from INSA.

During these years, the mission of the European Space Agency which aims to improve our understanding of our planet’s water cycle making global observations of soil moisture and salinity levels in the oceans, has provided valuable information to the scientific community.

The extension of the contract with the Agency has been possible thanks to the quality of the work of INSA, thereby strengthening the confidence of the ESA in the Spanish industry.