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Mitigating the risk with InSAR: the success of Ville de Dax

Barcelona, 21 December 2016. Mitigating the risk for neighbouring structures and contributing to urban management with InSAR: the success of Ville de Dax.

Geological, mining and flood risks are some of the phenomena affecting the Ville de Dax, in France. Its municipality started a programme aimed at a better heritage management using satellite technology. Our InSAR studies in partnership with ANTEA Group, an engineering and environmental consulting firm, have confirmed the trends already observed but also revealed other phenomena unknown to the date like the subsidence of some neighbourhoods and variations in the stability of some key infrastructures, among others. This 7-year project also established that some areas that were considered at risk have recovered stability.

This project is a unique example of the use of satellite technologies for land and urban management. It started in 2009 with an historical study that was later extended to a monitoring study from 2012 up to present due to the benefits provided for the risk and urban management in the area. TRE ALTAMIRA holds a partnership with Ville de Dax since 2009 and was the successful bidder of the CNES Research and Development tender as well as two further tenders for studies in the area.

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