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GISAT serves Inter-American Development Bank

The ESA-funded project the Expansion of EO Uptake in Developing Countries (EODAT) aims to demonstrate the benefits of EO technology as an operational support tool for MDBs/IFIs project planning, implementation and monitoring.

GISAT has been involved in multiple successful assignments within the framework of the European Space Agency (ESA) collaboration with multilateral development banks and international financial institutions (MDBs/IFIs) under the Earth Observation Envelope Programme, Value Adding Element (EOEP VAE). During these years, it has served to World Bank, Asian Development Bank and European Investment Bank to demonstrate the value adding of Earth Observation (EO) products and benefits for the planning, implementation and monitoring of international development projects.

MDBs/IFIs gradually recognises potential of EO based products and services for activities in developing countries through dedicated projects financed by long-term loans or grants for infrastructure development with significant socio-economic impact. In the current project, ESA is promoting the European and Canadian service capabilities based on its latest satellite missions highlighting the open data and sustainability service elements.


The general objective of the Expansion of EO Uptake in Developing Countries (EODAT) project is to demonstrate the capability to provide high quality geo-information services in the context of World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank activities, based on new generation of ESA EO Sentinel sensors and thus create strong premises for their sustainable use in multiple thematic domains. The project aims also to demonstrate the benefits of EO technology as an operational support tool for MDBs/IFIs project planning, implementation and monitoring in 11 pre-selected service cases.

EO data can provide a wide range of past and present environmental information that can also be a useful tool to support the monitoring and management of MDB/IFI projects. The consortium team has been in direct contact with WB and IADB representatives in order to identify EO services and products that can demonstrate on specific use cases general support potential for such operational activities of MDBs/IFIs.

Service Cases and Users

GISAT is responsible for two service cases:

i) Monitoring sustainable forest use and land use change in Bolivia using EO derived information and
ii) Assessment of coastal flood risk evolution as a result of the development of upstream hydropower infrastructure in Mexico.
Both services will be provided to the Inter-American Development Bank colleagues and local stakeholders.

The Team

The Expansion of EO Uptake in Developing Countries (EODAT) project is led by TERRASIGNA (RO) as Prime Contractor. Due to the complementary expertise required, the team is then composed by GISAT (CZ), Treemetrics (IL) and University College Cork (IL).

In this assignment, GISAT capitalizes its long standing worldwide expertise in EO based land cover / land use applications acquired within Copernicus programme in sustainable development context as well as previous practical experiences with EO based support of international financial institutions.

Gisat provides wide range of geoinformation services based on Earth Observation technology. It focuses on operational application of satellite mapping to monitor various aspects of our environment and development of dedicated web based platforms for geoinformation analysis and assessment
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