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MFB-GEO: Planar Screens Introduced at MFB-Geo

Applications for 3-D stereo analyses and photogrammetry

Planar’s SD product line, featuring innovative StereoMirror™ technology, provides the highest quality stereoscopic image available in a desktop monitor. The SD line features 3 sizes: 17” with SXGA resolution (1280 × 1024), a 20” with UXGA resolution (1600 × 1200) and a wide-format 23” with WUXGA (1920 × 1200) resolution. These displays have the resolution and brightness you’ve come to expect from Planar. StereoMirror technology delivers stunning images for use in applications such as satellite/aerial photogrammetry; medical imaging; computational chemistry; complex modeling visualization and computer gaming.
Source: MFB-Geo