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LogicaCMG Gears up Security for GMES

Simon Cantrell recently joined LogicaCMG UK, and his first role as Project Manager was to kick-off a study looking at End to End Data Security Concepts for GMES.

This work is aiming to help ESA understand what data security issues are and how they can best be tackled considering the operational characteristics of GMES, its chain of data providers and its users. The “end-to-end” nature of the study requires the LogicaCMG team to consider all security issues. It will look at how security affects the control and management of satellites (operated by different organisations), the tasking of space borne sensors, through payload data reception and on to management of the derived environmental and surveillance information provided to government and non-government users.
Simon joined LogicaCMG in May 2006, after working in the US on the NPOESS program for 7 years, including managing the development of EO data processors. Previously he was at EOS Ltd. for 4 years, developing various EO Search/Order tools. Prior to that, he worked at Logica (before its merger with CMG) as a software developer on MoD projects. Simon graduated from the U. of Warwick in 1986 with a BSc in Electronic Engineering, and earned an MBA from the U. of Maryland in 2001.
(Credits LogicaCMG)