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Latest Aerodata News

from Nov to Dec 2010

Aerodata goes Southeast Asia (Dec 6th, 2010)

The Consortium PASCO-FINNMAP has signed a contract for Acquisition of Digital Aerial Photography as part of the project “Improvement of Digital Mapping System of Survey of Bangladesh” with the Survey of Bangladesh.

The flying will be executed by Aerodata, a PASCO group member. The digital aerial photography will cover the complete area of Bangladesh (130,000 km²) with ground resolution of 50 cm and five urban areas with ground resolution of 25 cm. For this project two Vexcel Ultracam Xp cameras will be deployed in two of Aerodata’s new Aero Commander aircraft.

The flying has already started and is expected to be finished early 2011.

Brussels Oblique pilot project (Nov 15th, 2010)

Aerodata has carried out a pilot project over Brussels with one of its Visionmap A³ camera’s. The goal was to show the oblique viewing capabilities of the camera.

Due to the very large field of view of this camera (100°) oblique imagery is captured together with vertical imagery. Using special software the nadir aerials can be integrated with the obliques enabling users to rapidly navigate, zoom and measure (even building heights) in the obliques at any location in 4 directions. In addition revolutionary 3D modeling application enables to create 3D building models at substantially reduced time, labor and cost.

Results are spectacular and Aerodata will continue to invest in this movement towards combining traditional nadir images with oblique images.

Netherlands 2010 – 10cm now available (Oct 31st, 2010)

For the second year in a row Aerodata International Surveys is proud to announce to have successfully completed the NL 10cm project covering the entire territory of the Netherlands (over 40.000 sq km).

Only 6 months after the first flight all the 100.000 Ultracam Xp images were processed into a stereo product (Stereo10) and a countrywide seamless orthophoto mosaic (Ortho10).

For more detailed information or sales inquiries, please contact Aerodata (International Sales) or our partner Cyclomedia (clients in The Netherlands)
In 2011 Aerodata will again undertake this mega aerial photography project.