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SEOCA project Conference, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, April 2011

The FP7 Environment project GEO Capacity Building Initiative in Central Asia” (SEOCA) organizes the project Federated Conference comprising the following events:

  • International seminar of Central Asian Universities and other educational stakeholders: “New scientific and educational technologies in the field of Earth Observation”. The seminar will bring together University representatives from all 5 countries of Central Asia and their colleagues from the EU in order to discuss the modern curricular relevant to the topic. Also, the seminar will include the roundtable discussions “Modern technologies of EO information processing” and “Environment monitoring by using small satellites”. The project partners from Germany, Greece and Turkey will present the European curricula and technologies.
  • Demonstration workshop GEONETcast technologies for environment monitoring”. The representatives of Central Asian organizations interested in application of GEONETCast low-cost terminals for educational needs as well as for real-life applications in environment and natural disasters monitoring will be acquainted with the GEONETCast system capacities
  • Training workshop GEO: Global efforts and regional impact” aimed to provide training to National GEO offices in all 5 countries of Central Asia. As a result it is expected that the regional contribution to GEO, as well as engagement of regional stakeholders with GEO activities will be significantly strengthen.

The dates of the event: April 2011

Update of the SEOCA website

The website of the SEOCA project has been updated recently. Aratos Technologies S.A. participates in SEOCA Project.

The proposed project aims at further fostering cooperative ties between the countries of Central Asia and Europe in developing and applying Earth Observation (EO) technologies for effective environmental monitoring.

You can visit the website here