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Landsat 8 ground system heads South

(13 December 2013) The European Space Agency’s (ESA) processing, archiving and dissemination system for Landsat 8 is now operating from the Matera satellite receiving station in southern Italy.

Since the summer the so-called LDCM Central Infrastructure Facility (CIF) has been operating from Spacemetric’s premises near Stockholm, Sweden. Landsat 8 data has been ingested from European ground stations, processed and made available on the data portal, typically well within the target 3 hours of the near real-time service. But with winter approaching the hardware and software has been shipped to more southerly latitudes.

It was always planned that the CIF would be hosted at a ground receiving station and the move was the subject of much planning during the autumn. To be able to ship the operational system Spacemetric set up and operated a copy in the interim that ensured continuity of product processing and data access services. With shipping to Italy and rebuild completed the operational system was brought back online in early December.

The move was completed successfully and well before the Christmas deadline. The final irony was the snow that fell in Matera while the Spacemetric team was on site – so much for flying south for the winter!