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JRC chooses Spacemetric to deliver Image Portal

Spacemetric AB has added a new dimension in its rapidly growing list of contracts
by winning the right to develop an online distribution and archiving system for
satellite images acquired by the Joint Research Centre of the European
Commission in support of the Control with Remote Sensing (CwRS) campaigns.

The JRC manages the control activities for the Common Agricultural Policy,
including the acquisition of satellite images, on behalf of the Directorate-General
for Agriculture and Rural Development. The images are distributed to contractors
in the EU member states for processing and analysis, and are sent back to the
JRC for archiving and proof of purchase. The CwRS activity is now one of the
largest civil applications of remote sensing in Europe.
The JRC faced a significant logistical overhead in handling large volumes of raw
imagery and particularly their redistribution to contractors, each of whom must
generate accurate orthoimagery from raw scenes and locally sourced reference
materials. Also posing significant challenges were demonstrating the fulfilment of
data licensing requirements and in ensuring the consistency of orthoimages
generated by contractors within the scope of the contract.
In order to address these issues, an image portal concept was conceived based
on an already existing prototype of the ImageServer used internally at the JRC.
The new solution will add functionality to the existing ImageServer in terms of:
? a fine-grained authentication system, allowing the ImageServer to
function as an external image portal
? an automatic system for orthorectification of raw satellite images, using
high-resolution reference imagery, and
? an OGC-compliant catalogue system for identification and access of
satellite images.
The solutions will support all types of satellite sensors used in the CwRS program.
Spacemetric is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and provides systems and
consulting on all aspects of satellite image production. The company has longstanding
expertise in operational solutions for the rigorous correction of satellite
remote sensing imagery. Other customers include the European Space Agency,
Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (DMCii), the National Aerospace Laboratory in the
Netherlands, the Swedish National Land Survey, the Swedish Space Corporation
and the Swedish National Space Board.
Lars-Åke Edgardh,
Managing Director,Spacemetric
Tel: +46 8 594 770 80
(Source Spacemetric)