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Interview with TerraScan

Tell us a bit more about your Company

TerraScan offers a new generation of remote sensing services. We specialise in discovering, finding and exploring natural resources in an ecologically sensitive process. We combine extensive use of remote sensing technologies combined with proprietary approaches of signal processing, statistics and machine learning.

Our service offerings address governments, investors and operators. Experienced inhouse geologists interprete our findings.

We are operating globally out of Berlin, Germany.

What makes your services and products unique?

TerraScan is capable of identifying targeted resources (hydrocarbons, water, minerals, geothermal sources) on- and offshore down to 10.000 m below ground. TerraScan is capable to work very discretely without having to physically access the territory of interest. Wildlife and nature are preserved.

TerraScan uses a proprietary algorithm called gScan® that allows to identify surface patterns in standard satellite pictures. 

gScan® uses the radiation emitted by Earth to detect reservoirs and geological faults in satellite imagery. The findings are refined by taking fingerprints of already discovered natural resources and integrated into the model. We create a 3D subsurface data cube applying KI and statistics. Our models can reach accuracies of up to 50 cm offset in the depth distribution of natural resources.

The resulting subsurface maps, cross sections and 3D models can be analysed and compared with traditional seismic tools allowing traditional seismic to focus and verify findings and therefore save risk, time, money and ecological impacts.  

What are your future plans for the company?

TerraScan continues international rollout and creates references beyond the existing 60 projects in numerous industries.

TerraScan welcomes industrial players to benefit from our search capabilities for strategic materials such as in the e-mobility megatrend. Our reference case of finding Lithium for Volkswagen is a very strong proof of concept.

TerraScan offers additional services addressing its existing client base as well as addressing new fields such as Water supply, Ground Water Services and applications for agriculture.

What would you advice to someone who wishes to start their own EO company?

TerraScan believes in understanding the client´s day to day tasks, challenges and restraints. Anyone setting up their own EO company should build its services coordinated closely with future first customers for testing and reference. 

Don´t be stopped by: “This can impossibly work!” statements, especially not from your competitors or default technology users.

We still benefit strongly from working with Serial Seismic- and Oil-exploration entrepreneurs and geological opinion leaders. Transforming believers in traditional technologies into serial customers is the best proof of concept and a strong signal to future new customers.