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EO data processing and provision service “Starflake”

1. About our company

FUJITSU CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is a Japanese private company that provides services in public cloud and other digital business solutions (i.e. machine learning). 

2. About our products

Satellite images are a prime example of big data. However, it is extremely difficult to extract data from satellite images. Therefore, we have started providing "Starflake".

It is a service that analyzes images taken by Earth observation satellites and processes the sizes and changes of various objects on the earth's surface into table data.

We deliver three key services 1) "Starflake nightview" to provide urban nighttime lighting, 2) "Starflake forest" to provide forest and vegetation index, and 3) "Starflake water" to provide water quantity. Our clients can get table data simply by selecting the area, period, and service they need.

3. Potential Users

  • Real estate agencies can analyze the feature of the area and use it to assess land prices and assets.
  • Retail companies can analyze local economic vitality and reflect it in their strategies and store plans
  • Institutional investors can leverage “Starflake” for novel investment opportunities and data-driven portfolio management.

For any interest in collaborations, feel free to reach out to us to the contact below.

Contact Us:

Ryo Kaneoka – Planner, Data Design Department, Business Design Division