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International Programmes: ProVentium Consortium

[UNOOSA-STDM] ProVention Sponsors Grants for Risk Reduction

In December 2002, the ProVention Consortium, in collaboration with
the World Bank awarded grants to 65 individuals and/or teams from 27
developing countries to encourage them to become more involved in
disaster risk reduction. Fifteen of the projects presented were
selected, and the team leaders for these projects presented their
findings at the “Global Sysmposium for Hazard Risk Reduction” at the
World Bank Headquarters. Encouraged by the success of the program,
Provention is now teaming up with the Asian Disaster Preparedness
Center, the Disaster Mitigation for Sustainable Livelihoods Programme
at the University of Cape Town, and the Disaster Management Center at
the University of Wisconsin to sponsor a second round of grants to
support research on disaster risk management.

The Consortium is inviting young professionals (35 and under) from
developing countries to submit proposals in the form of research
projects, professional internships or professional development
programs. They should focus on the links between disasters, development
and the environment, and should fall into three general categories (i)
risk identification and analysis, (ii) risk reduction, and (iii) risk
sharing/transfer. Since the proposals are meant to be pilot activities
to test ideas, their implementation timeframe should not exceed nine

A maximum of US$ 5000 will be awarded to selected proposals. Proposals
(in English only) must be sent by May 15, 2005 to
email. Additional information on the submission of
the proposals can be found at ProVention Consortium.