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Important NASA contract awarded Kongsberg Spacetec

NASA’s EDOS (EOS Data and Operations System) program at Goddard Space Flight Centre,
Washington DC, USA, has chosen Kongsberg Spacetec AS in connection with the
modernization of the Ground Stations for their EOS (Earth Observing System) satellites.

contract is worth 19 million Norwegian Crowns, and the work involved is to be finished
within the 1st quarter of 2007.
Since 2004, KSPT has had a close co-operation with NASA EDOS in Washington DC
concerning the upgrade of ground stations through continuous part deliveries. This new
contract involves the delivery of 22 systems for reception and processing of satellite data.
These systems are to be located at Svalbard, Alaska and the USA. The contract also involves
the delivery of 10 systems for monitoring and control of all the ground stations.
“This is a very important contract for us, and marks a breakthrough in the American market.
We also feel this is a declaration of faith that such a demanding customer as NASA EDOS, is
willing to invest in our technology for critical and cost effective operations. We are also
experiencing a great interest in our systems from both Asia and Europe
, says President Bjørn
Kanck at KSPT.
For further information, please contact
President Bjørn A. Kanck
(mobile 90088854) or the
Marketing Director
Harald Lauknes
(mobile 41652659)