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High Resolution Urban Clutter Data of the Whole of Germany

GAF AG, an internationally active geo-information technology company, has recently signed a distribution agreement with E-Plus GmbH & Co. KG, a leading mobile Telecom service provider, to provide high resolution urban clutter data covering the territory of Germany.

The data has been generated by GAF from high resolution 5m IRS satellite image data and the final product provides 24 urban density and urban use classes.
The vector data set covers the whole of Germany with a minimum object size of 0.5-2 ha, depending on the object class. It is an ideal complement to topographic maps, orthophotos, road maps and any other GIS layer, thus providing excellent foundation data for all kinds of urban applications, prediction models and mapping purposes etc.
The data was produced by GAF AG based on “EuroMaps”, a high resolution IRS 1C/D satellite image mosaic, distributed by Euromap. A strict quality controlled process using digital data preprocessing and visual interpretation techniques, supported by a dedicated proprietary software designed to streamline the production, has been applied to map the urban areas in detail.
This project and the resulting urban data set is another milestone in the successful development of operational land use/land cover (LU/LC) Clutter data mapping projects during the past 15 years. GAF has during this period produced more than 1.5 million square kilometres of data with 12-24 classes featuring a 0.25 – 2 ha minimum mapping unit size over large areas in Europe and beyond. The quality and consistency of GAF clutter data are among the highest commercially available and are based on longstanding experience, streamlined technology, robust extraction techniques and approved quality assurance procedures. Ms. Regine Richter, head of environmental services at GAF, states: “We are proud that E-Plus, like other mobile telecom market leaders here in Germany, have placed faith in the quality of our services over so many years. This is understood by GAF as an incentive and mandate to constantly innovate our services and therefore maintain a leading market position in Europe”.
About GAF
GAF AG has leading competence and expertise in applied remote sensing, geo-information, information systems and capacity building services. GAF AG offers a comprehensive portfolio of services ranging from the supply of geo-data (e.g. satellite and aerial imagery, digital elevation models) to image processing, thematic mapping, GIS/DBMS applications, software development, and full consulting packages. GAF has a long track record in performing land use and land cover mapping (Clutter, CORINE, LCCS) as well as fully fledged consulting projects in the fields of agriculture, forestry, geology, infrastructure, land management, and environmental sectors. Here GAF’s strengths lie in the design and implementation of customised mapping-, monitoring-, planning-,and cadastral systems. For over two decades, GAF AG´s activities have been overseen by the CEO, Dr. Rupert Haydn.
(Source GAF AG)