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GRACE announces market study on the Greek Space sector

GRACE Ltd has performed a thorough survey on Space technologies and applications in Greece.

The study aims to depict a clear picture of the Greek Space sector, including the background, current situation, State policy, actors involved, as well as needs and perspectives. An insight on the general framework of research & technology in the country is provided in order to better highlight the current dynamics and vision for Space in the local context.

As a result of investigations that took place in the 2005-2009 timeframe, the product represents the first all round report dealing extensively and exclusively with the Space sector in Greece.

The survey is addressed to industries, institutions, research establishments, SMEs and any actor or individual wishing to acquire a fresh view on an emerging market.

This report of more than 100 pages will be commercialized in November 2009.

GRACE offers 20% special discount for all EARSC members

For more information on the product please contact:

About GRACE Ltd
GRACE Ltd is an independent technology and consulting services firm established in Athens in 2008 and focusing on directing the benefits of Space to the society and the environment in Greece and the Balkan Peninsula.
The company is a valuable and dynamic partner contributing to local capacity building and progress in the Space industry and its applications.