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From MAPS to MAT (ACS)

Designed to facilitate the mission planning, support analysis of ESA/third party missions and simulate the future missions, MAPS prototype met all the ESA needs recognised at the time.

Thanks to a specific greedy algorithm a set of on-board and on-ground constraints get elaborated, acquisition conflicts detected and resolved accordingly.
When ESA asked for a fully operational system, the best of MAPS was reused and new functionalities introduced resulting in the high performance EO acquisitions planning tool MAT.
The MAPS inherent flexibility permitted old and new features to coexist.
Thus both old logical structure for multi-mission modelling and new User Requests modelling functions (e.g.Virtual Platform for Correlated/Concurrent observations) are available.
Some very neat options add user friendliness to MAT:
- adapting manually a plan proposed
- loading meteorological data and cloudiness filters
- finding Thematic Maps and statistical information over the selected area
A MAPS window
Through the specification and configuration of different resources and request parameters, MAPS provides the user with the optimised acquisition scenario.
(Source ACS)