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From 7th to 9th May Flyby will be present at FlyBy: SOLAREXPO in Verona, Hall 11, Stand G5.4

Solar Energy. SolarSAT: solar radiation analysis, dimensioning, design, cost estimation, control and management of a photovoltaic plant in a single website

SolarSAT is a new integrated system, fully customizable, for companies that design, install and sell photovoltaic plants, companies and bodies in charge of their maintenance, inverter manufacturers, manufacturers and distributors of photovoltaic modules, agencies and bodies that promote renewable energy systems.

By accessing both archive and real time satellite data the SolarSAT system offers two types of functionalities that can be distributed either as independent or as combined services: PVPlanner and PV-Controller.

SolarSAT PVPlanner

PV Planner SolarSAT PVPlanner is a web service that allows to evaluate the feasibility and convenience of a new plant and gives the cost/profit estimation for it. To the potential customer who wishes to consider the opportunity to setup a photovoltaic plant, PVPlanner will at first provide the expected productivity, taking into account the typical solar energy available in the chosen locality. Such evaluation is made possible by the availability of solar irradiation hystorical satellite data of the last 10 or 20 years.

With PVPlanner the potential customer, or the designer himself, can dimension and design the plant according to the required energy needs or the desired nominal power, combining in the best way the various components (modules, inverters, …) chosen among those made available by the company supplying the service. PVPlanner then takes into account the features and prices of the selected components, the fiscal parameters imposed by the current law, the maintenance costs, the incentives and savings linked to the producible energy. At the end PVPlanner provides a series of economic parameters that allow to evaluate the investment convenience (e.g. Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, breakeven point, etc.).

SolarSAT PVController

SolarSAT PVController is an integrated hardware-software system that allows the remote control and management via web of photovoltaic plants of any size.

PVController keeps under control the plant efficiency and provides the comparison between the produced hourly energy and the expected one. The latter is calculated after the effective solar irradiance derived from either satellite data acquired in real time or from local measurement by dedicated sensors. In case there is a significant difference between produced and producible energies, the people in charge of plant maintenance are warned by e-mail or SMS and can then decide for a possible intervention. PV Controller

To the PVController service is associated a family of dataloggers and sensors of the SolarSAT series. They can be adapted to plants of any kind and size and interfaced to any inverter. With PVController a whole PV park can be managed with a single, simple and effective web interface.

Installing the dataloggers is simple and usually does not require any configuration by the operator, as this is done via web-GPRS. Moreover, thanks to the GPRS data link, there is no need for a fixed phone line at the plant. The various datalogger models can be used for both satellite monitoring and for monitoring by local sensors, to measure the plant physical parameters.

Capitalizing on its background of environmental monitoring and manufacturing of spectroradiometers for solar radiation measurement, Flyby has selected those components which are at the same time reliable, with high performances and easy to install.

The SolarSAT integrated system is available in several configurations and is fully customizable for the company or Body that is willing to distribute it to its customers.

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