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FP7 calls for proposals

FP7 calls for proposals

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Geo-information provisions
Service Level Agreement)
Access to Earth observation data
Strengthening space foundations
Further guidance

Taking on endless possibilities, € 114 million for space research

Information regarding the third call for proposals under the Space theme of the Seventh Framework Programme

The third call for proposals pdf – 363 KB [363 KB] under the Seventh Framework Programme’s space theme was published on 30 July 2009. The deadline for entries is 8 December 2009. Among other issues, this call addresses the services included in the General Monitoring for Environment and Security programme. Also, the call includes a significant financial envelope in support of the area of Strengthening Space Foundations.

Geo-information provisions

In this call, proposals addressing the “Space-based applications at the service of European Society” area should focus on building on the existing achievements of GMES, in particular the geo-information service provision projects, taking full benefit of the products made available by these.

Aimed at facilitating knowledge sharing between GMES services and downstream GMES projects, the pages below provide information on the geo-information expected to be available from each of the five GMES service domains.

Emergency Response

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Some project partners may be linked by means of a Service Level Agreement (SLA). You may find more information about the SLA, including a template for such an agreement, here msw8 – 48 KB [48 KB]

Access to Earth observation data

Project proposers may also consult information on specifications needed from downstream services access to Earth observation data in the document below and its annexes:

Downstream services access to Earth observation data pdf – 15 KB [15 KB]
Annex 1: Guidelines for compiling the service requirements template pdf – 51 KB [51 KB]
Annex 2: Service requirements template msw8 – 104 KB [104 KB]
Annex 3: Current definition of primary products pdf – 13 KB [13 KB]

Strengthening space foundations

The third call for proposals also addresses projects to strengthen the foundations of space science and technology. The support will be given in the following action areas:

* research activities related to space science and exploration
* new concepts in space transportation and space technologies including critical components. Please consult the document European non-dependence on critical space technologies: EC-ESA-EDA list of urgent actions for 2009, EC-ESA-EDA Joint Task Force here pdf – 325 KB [325 KB]
* research into reducing the vulnerability of space-based systems and services. Please consult the document Space situational awareness – Consolidated activity plan for SSA, GSTP and FP7 here pdf – 62 KB [62 KB]

Further guidance

Please consult a PowerPoint presentation by the European Commission to the National Contact Points for Space (NCP) on the content and context of this call here pdf – 7 MB [7 MB]

Also, for advice on how to write a good proposal from project evaluators, success stories from project coordinators, and insights into the current state of play in space research, please consult the web-screening of the “Research Connection 2009” space session, which took place in Prague on 7 May 2009 here