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First DeCOVER user workshop in Dessau (GAF AG)

GAF is a partner within the German national DeCOVER project on actualisation and production of land use and land cover data, aimed at serving national authorities’ needs.

It builds on innovative and cost-efficient remote sensing technologies and is strongly linked to other GMES-related activities. On 19th and 20th September, the DeCOVER partners will hold a workshop in Dessau at the German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) bringing together decision-makers from national, member-state and regional administrative levels. This workshop offers the unique possibility to be informed about, comment on and also influence the development of the DeCOVER process. Registration will be possible till the start of the workshop.
The workshop information brochure can be found here.
Please also visit the DeCOVER project website.
(Source GAF AG)