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First large UltraCam-Xp project completed by Aerodata

19 September 2008, only one month after receiving its first Vexcel UltraCam- X prime (UCXp) digital camera, Aerodata completed its first large aerial surveying project using this system.

The project, in collaboration with Municipia of Oeras (Portugal) , had a surface area of over 3500 sqkm, covering the entire coastal area of Northern Portugal from Setubal all the way to the Spanish border. It was acquired at 10cm GSD with a forward overlap of 80%.

While project specifications were rather straightforward, they called for a very short acquisition period and extremely tight delivery deadline in relation to the scope of the project (start of project 1 September, delivery of all 42 TB of data before 31 October).

Aerodata showed that by acquiring and operating the new 196 Megapixel UCXp, extraordinary results are achieved.

Using the UCXp, execution of this project was done in just 8 flying days, with a total of over 18.000 aerial frames, while maintaining specified GSD and overlap.

This project once more emphasizes the operational strength of Aerodata using their newest best-in-class Vexcel digital cameras.

As major projects are completed in an unprecedented short time in relation to the number of pixels collected, this guarantees a highly efficient project execution and completion certainty.

Source Aerodata