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Events and Symposia

Start Date End Date Event Web link Venue
03-jul- 06 06-jul-06 From sensors to imagery, ISPRS Symposium web Paris, France
04-jul-06 05-jul-06 Int. Conference on Object- based Image Analysis (OBIA06) web Salzburg, Austria
05-jul-06 07-jul-06 Symposium on Spatial accuracy assessment web Lisbon, Portugal
05-jul-06 07-jul-06 Geo-information for Development web Salzburg, Austria
08-jul-06 08-jul-06 ICA WK on Geospatial Analysis and Modelling web Vienna, Austria
10-jul-06 14-jul-06 GICON 2006, Geo-information connects Society web Vienna, Austria
11-jul- 06 13-jul-06 Data Mining & Information Engineering 2006 web Prague, Czech Republic
17-jul-06 17-jul-06 Seminar, Key challenge for International Security web Munich, Germany
17-jul-06 21-jul-06 WMO Climate Risk Conference web Espoo, Finland
18-jul-06 20-jul-06 GEOBrasil 2006 web Sao Paulo, Brasil
24- jul-06 04-aug-06 Monitoring of natural hazards from space Summer School web Alpbach, Austria
24-jul-06 28-jul-06 GeoWeb 2006 web Vancouver, Canada
31-jul-06 04-aug-06 IGARSS 2006 web Denver, USA
31-jul-06 11-aug-06 Summer School in Optoelectronic Techniques web Baia Mare, Romania
31-jul-06 04-ago-06 IEEE/IGARS 2006- International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium web Denver, Colorado
31-jul-06 11-aug-06 3rd Envisat Summer School web Frascati, Italy
27-aug-06 01-sep-06 International Disaster Reduction conference web Davos, Check Republic
05-aug-06 08-aug-06 ESRI survey and GIS Summit 2006 web San Diego, USA
07-aug-06 07-aug-06 WK on 3D Geo-information 2006 web Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
14-aug-06 18-aug-06 GISnet Conference web Hochiminh, Vietnam
21-aug-06 23-aug-06 GI-academy, Geomarketing web Dortmund, Germany
27-aug-06 30-aug-06 The digital Earth “06 Summit on Sustainability” web Auckland, New Zealand
03-sep-06 07-sep-06 ISPRS, Remote Sensing Supporting Sustainable Development web Haifa, Israel
03-sep-06 08-sep-06 2006, Inter. Congress for Mathematical Geology web Univ. Liège, Belgium
05-sep-06 07-sep-06 Sustainable irrigation 2006 web Bologna, Italy
05-sep-06 08-sep-06 RSPSoc, “Understanding a Changing World” web Univ. Cambridge, UK
11-sep-06 12-sep-06 Atlantic Europe Conference on Remote Imaging and Spectroscopy, AECRIS web Preston, UK
13-sep-06 15-sep-06 Commercial Remote Sensing Symposium web Washington, DC, US
14-sep-06 14-sep-06 EoVox stakeholder workshop web ESRIN, Frascati Itlay
14-sep-06 22-sep-06 9th Int. Symposium High Mountain RS Cartography web Graz, Austria
18-sep-06 20-sep-06 ICIAR 2006- Remote Sensing processing. web Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal
19-sep-06 21-sep-06 4th CHRIS Proba workshop web Frascati, Italy
19-sep-06 22-sep-06 ISPRS, Photogrammetric Computer vision web Bonn, Germany
19-sep-06 22-sep-06 XII Spanish Geographic Information Congress web Granada, Spain
20-sep-04 23-sep-06 4th International Conference on Geographic Inf. Science web Muenster, Germany
25-sep-06 26-sep-06 Geo.information for Disaster Management web Goa, India
25-sep-06 27-sep-06 ISPRS Commission V: Image engineering & vision metrology web Dresden, Germany
25-sep-06 29-sep-06 Advanced Training Course in Ocean Remote Sensing web   Hamburg, Germany
25-sep-06 29-sep-09 Int. Symposium: A
dvances in quantitative RS.- RAQRSÍI
web Torrent, Spain
26-sep-06 28-sep-06 The ADM- Aeolus workshop web Noordwijk, The Netherlands
26-sep-06 29-sep-06 UFRO Landscape Ecology WG. Consequences of Human management web Bari, Italy
26-sep-06 29-sep-06 URISA´s 44th Annual Conference & Exposition web Vancouver, Canada
28-sep-06 30-sep-06 2nd workshop of EARSeL Special interest group web Bonn, Germany
01-oct-06 08-oct-06 GMOSS summer School web Salzburg, Austria
01-oct-06 12-oct-06 ENERegion, potentials for renewable energy generation web Salzburg, Austria
03- oct-06 06-oct-06 CEOS SAR cal/val workshop web Edinburgh, UK
04-oct-06 06-oct-06 GIS & RS days web Goettingen, Germany
17-oct-06 18-oct-06 2nd International Workshop, the Future of Remote Sensing web Antwerp, Belgium
19-oct-06 20-oct-06 GlobWetland Symposium web Frascati, Italy
23-oct-06 25-oct-06 OceanSar 2006 web St.John´s Newfoundland, Canada
01-nov-06 03-nov-06 Water Resources in the Mediterranean Basin web Tripoli, Lebanon
03-nov-06 11-nov-06 CCT 2006, 9th International Earth Science Congress web Santiago de Chile, Chile
06-nov-06 08-nov-06 GOCE Workshop web Frascati, Italy
20-nov-06 24-nov-06 Australasian RS & Photogrammetry Confenrece web Canberra, Australia
27-nov-06 28-nov-06 ESA-EUSC 2006: Image Information Mining for Security and Intelligence web Madrid, Spain
04-dec-06 05-dec-06 RS for Earth Resources; exploration, extraction & environmental impacts web London, UK
04-dec-06 05-dec-06 HALO project web Reading, UK
04-dec-06 06-dec-06 WK on Geostationary Fire Monitoring & Applications web Darmstadt, Germany
06-dec-06 07-dec-06 International Symposium on Operational Applications web Toulouse, France
06-apr-07 07-apr-07 27th EARSeL Sympos. Geoinformation in Europe web Bolzano, Italy
23-apr-07 25-apr-07 5th EARSeL SIG-IS work. Imaging spectroscopy: innovation in environmental research web Bruges, Belgium
23-apr-07 27-apr-07 Envisat Symposium web Frascati, Italy
29-may-07 01-jun-07 ISPRS: High resolution Earth Imaging for geospatial information web Hannover, Germany
03-jul-08 11-jul-08 XXI congress, Int. Society for Photogrammetry & RS web Beijing, China