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Events and Symposia

Start Date End Date Event Web link Venue
21-oct-05 01-nov-05 2nd International Congress in Geodesy &
web Maracaibo, Venezuela
30-oct-05 04-nov-05 AFRICA GIS 2005 web Tshwane ( Pretoria),
South Africa
31-oct-05 04-nov-05 16th APEC workshop on ocean models and information
systems- APEC region
web Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
04-nov-05 05-nov-05 13th International Symposium on Advances in
web Bremen, Germany
04-nov-05 06-nov- 05 International Workshop on Remote Sensing & GIS web Rabat, Morocco
04-nov-05 06-nov-05 ISPRS Joint Workshop on “Disaster monitoring & assessment
through images”
web Bangkok, Thailand
07-nov-05 09-nov-05 Global MilSatCom 2005 web London, UK
07-nov-05 11-nov-05 26th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing (ACRS2005) web Hanoi, Vietnam
08-nov-05 11-nov-05 2nd Asian Space Conference- ASC web Hanoi, Vietnam
10-nov-05 11-nov-05 International Conference on Earth Observation for vegetation
monitoring and water management
web Naples Italy
14-nov-05 15-nov-05 PEER Geo-information seminar web Montpellier, France
14-nov-05 16-nov-05 UN- Sustainable Development Conference web Rabat, Morocco
14-nov-05 26-nov-05 ITC Course: Geo-information tools for community –based
disaster management
web Ibagué, Colombia
16-nov-05 18-nov-05 United Nations World Summit on the Information Society web Tunis, Tunisia
22-nov-05 24-nov-05 IDATE 2005

For key players from the information technologies & media industries

web Montpellier, France
26-nov-05 28-nov-05 20th ESRI European User Conference web Warsaw, Poland
28-nov-05 01-dec-05 Space technologies for the Conservation of natural and
cultural heritage
web Campeche, Mexico
28-nov-05 02-dec-05 Advances in SAR Interferometry from ENVISAT and ERS missions web Frascati, Italy
29-nov-05 30-nov-05 1st International Conference on Geospatial Semantics web Mexico City, Mexico
30-nov-05 02-dec-05 2nd International Conference- Earth from Space-
The Most Effective Solutions
web Moscow, Russian Federation
01-dec-05 02-dec-05 CLGE International Conference 205: Geodetic Surveying web Brussels, Belgium
12-dec-05 14-dec-05 Integration of the New UE Member Countries into the GMES
web Warsaw, Poland
23-jan-06 26-jan-06 GIS Ostrava 2006 web Ostrava, Czech Republic
23-jan-06 26-jan-06 DGI06- Geospatial Intelligence Conference web London, United Kigdom
23-jan-06 26-jan-06 CORP 2006 & Geomultimedia06 web Vienna, Austria