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Events Autumn 2007

Calendar of Events in Autumn 2007.

Start Date End Date Event Web Venue
01-oct-07 03-oct-07 ISGI International CODATA Symposium on Generalization of Information web Geneva, Switzerland
02-oct-07 03-oct-07 GI-INDEED Workshop web Genova, Italy
02-oct-07 05-oct-07 GeoCongress Quebec 2007 web Quebec, Canada
02-oct-07 06-oct-07 JCOMM Scientific and Technical Symposium on Storm Surges web Seoul, Replublic of Korea
08-oct-07 10-oct-07 CoastGIS 2007 web Santander, Spain
10-oct-07 12-oct-07 UDMS 2007 web Stuttgart, Germany
11-oct-07 11-oct-07 Seminar on Development Cooperation web Brussels, Belgium
22-oct-07 23-oct-07 Areas and Mechanisms for Collaboration between Turkish and European Actors in Space Activities web Istanbul, Turkey
26-0ct-07 27-oct-07 EUROGI EMM web Lisbon, Portugal
04-nov-07 04-nov-07 5 th East Europe eGov Day 2007 web Prague, Czech Republic
05-nov-07 07-nov-07 ForestSat 2007: Forest and Remote Sensing: Methods and operational tools web Montpellier, France
05-nov-07 09-nov-07 UN/Vietnam/ESA WK Forest management & environmental protection web Hanoi, Vietnam
10-oct-07 11-oct-07 Asia-Pacific Regional WK on GEOSS Information Access web Beijing, China
15-oct-07 16-oct-07 AGRISAR and EAGLE Campaigns Final Workshop web Noordwijk, The Netherlands
15-oct-07 20-oct-07 2 nd Advanced Training Course in Ocean Remote Sensing web Hangzhou, China
22-oct-07 26-oct-07 The Eighth International Ice Charting Working Group Meeting web Frascati, Italy
01-nov-07 02-nov-07 Recognition cross-border capacity building in Earth Observation web Enschede, The Netherlands
04-nov-07 04-nov-07 The user and the GEOSS Architecture- disaster preparedness and management web Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
05-nov-07 09-nov-07 2007 International Geohazards Week web Frascati, Itlay
12-nov-07 14-nov-07 Second Space for Hydrology Workshop web Geneva,  Switzerland
15-nov-07 17-nov-07 5 th International symposium on multispectral image processing and pattern recognition web Wuhan, China
19-nov-07 21-nov-07 26 th ECGS Workshop on Active Vulcanism & Continental Rifting web Noth Kivu, DR of Congo
20-nov-07 23-nov-07 WK “ EO small satellites for RS applications” web Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
26-nov-07 30-nov-07 FRINGE 2007 web Frascati, Italy
26-nov-07 30-nov-07 UN/Argentina/ESA WK Sustainable Development in Mountain Areas of Andean Countries web Mendoza, Argentina
29-nov-07 30-nov-07 CODATA – LandCover Logic web Berlin, Germany
30-nov-07 30-nov-07 The Cape Town Ministerial Summit 2007 web Cape Town, South Africa
04-dec-07 06-dec-07 3 rd International conference: “Earth from space – the Most Effective Solutions” web Moscow, The Russian Federation
10-dec-07 12-dec-07 4 th Middle East Spatial Technology Conference web Bahrain, Bahrain
12-dec-07 14-dec-07 3D GeoInfo 2007 web Delft, The Netherlands
17-dec-07 19-dec-07 b-GIS@ASIA2007 Conference web Trivandrum, India
15-jan-07 15-jan-07 Information day on ESA integrated Applications Promotion Initiative (IAP) web Estec, The Netherlands
21-jan-07 25-jan-07 SeaSAR 2008 web Frascati, Italy
07-jan-08 25-apr-08 Postgraduate course: EO and GIS- Integrated Water Resources web Nairobi, Kenya
21-jan-08 24-jan-08 International Conference cartography web Borovets, Bulgaria
20-feb-08 22-feb-08 ISU: Space solutions to Earth´s global challenges web Strasburg, France
25-feb-08 29-feb-08 Spatial data Infrastructure web Augustine, Trinidad
04-mar-08 05-mar-08 ESA-EUSC 2008 Conference: Image Information Mining web Frascati, Italy
09-mar-08 12-mar-08 GITA Annual Conference web Seattle, USA