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ESYS represents WIN at the International Disaster Reduction Conference, Davos 2006

ESYS represented the European Commission Framework Programme 6 (EC-FP6)’s Wide Information Network (WIN) for Risk Management at an international conference dedicated to Disaster and Risk Reduction, 27thAugust-1st September 2006.

During the week, several poster sessions enabled the public to learn about the new Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) of WIN, which is aimed at enhancing the European information infrastructure for risk management. In the context of new open-architecture initiatives being developed to ultimately blend into the GMES information infrastructure service (INSPIRE), WIN has been focusing on the oil spill, flood and fire domains to illustrate this capacity. A specific and challenging objective of the project is to improve the interconnectivity of the various EU systems and players currently involved in disaster mitigation.
ESYS, as part of a 16-partner consortium led by Alcatel Alenia Space (France), is in charge of devising the organisational model and roadmap for the project, which enters its final year in September.
Contact: Lucie Viciano
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