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ESA oil and gas workshop, 14-15 September 2010

We are now entering an era in earth observation characterised by a new generation of spaceborne sensors.

A workshop is planned to explore the application of these satellite sensors to the oil and gas sector and to find ways of ensuring that these applications are fully developed.

The workshop will take place from 14-15 September 2010 at ESA/ESRIN


The workshop aims will be:

  • To ensure that key oil and gas industry personnel are aware of the capabilities of the current and new generation of earth observation sensors in relation to new technical operating challenges, obligations relating to legislation and new geographical areas of activity .
  • To provide a forum where the combination of key personnel from both the oil and gas and space industries can exchange ideas and develop new approaches and possibilities for the enhanced use of earth observation within the oil and gas industry.
  • To provide insight to ESA and other data providers on how the use of earth observation data and products may be assisted by changes to procedures and policies.
  • To communicate evolving oil and gas industry requirements to satellite operators and service providers so that the space sector can work to meet these requirements.

Our expectation is that the workshop would help develop the following:

  • A move towards identification of best practises/guidelines for use of earth observation in the industry.
  • Identified requirements for demonstrations in order to consolidate newly developed application capabilities.
  • Identified R&D with respect to new sensors/products to develop/enhance applications.
  • Future studies related to requirements for new sensors, constellations etc.

More info at:

Workshop Co-Ordination by Earth Observation R&D Team
E-mail: envmail (at)

Please be informed that in case a member subscribe it will be a pre registration. The organizing committee will review submission individually and they will be informed whether their pre registration will be accepted or not.