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Aerodata Survey News

March News

Aerodata wins another Dutch nationwide orthophoto tender – Mar 12th, 2010

Aerodata has again been awarded a major contract by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (Ministerie van LNV) for flying the entire country of The Netherlands in 2010 (incl surrounding 10km buffer).

This marks the 3rd time Aerodata will be executing the project for this Ministry (previous occasions were 2003 and 2007).

Aerodata has so far executed nationwide aerial photography 6 times:

  • 1992 & 1993 for ROBAS (analogue film)
  • 2003 & 2007 for LNV (analogue film & digital with 2 Ultracam-D’s)
  • 2005 for the Dutch “Rijkswaterstaat” (digital with 1 Ultracam-D)
  • 2009 (@ 10cm GSD) for the Dutch Cadastre in cooperation with Cyclomedia (digital with 3 Ultracam-Xp’s)

In 2010 will execute yet again the 10cm project for the Dutch Cadastre as well as the 25cm project for the Ministery of LNV.

The end product of the latter, a 25cm orthophoto mosaic, will be widely used in various applications, such as crop monitoring, emergency response, soil mapping, and many more.

Flights will start from April onwards and final deliveries are foreseen in September.

Interested parties can request a quote via email or telephone (+32 3 287 00 30)
From September 2010, when principal deliveries should be completed, the data will be online for purchase at

Over 22.000 UCXp images (14TB) in 7 local sunny days! – Mar 10th, 2010

In just 7 flying days during early March, Aerodata’s Flight Operations crews went into high gear, made good use of the local sunny weather and clear blue skies and successfully captured over 22.000 Ultracam-Xp (UCXp) frames or around 14TB of raw imagery!

These days mark a successful season kick-off, following months of poor conditions.
The crews are on full stand-by waiting for more!

Netherlands 2009 10cm now available! – Mar 5th, 2010

Aerodata International Surveys is proud to announce to have successfully completed the NL2009 10cm project covering the entire territory of the Netherlands (over 40.000 sq km).
During 2009 nearly 100.000 images were acquired and processed to a seamless orthophoto mosaic of 10cm.

A specific achievement was the successful capture of this imagery in the Schiphol TMA (zone around the airport of approximately 7.000 sq km).

This huge dataset was processed with Aerodata’s Pixel Pipeline into a stereo product (Stereo10, 50 TB) and a countrywide seamless orthophoto mosaic (Ortho10, 15 TB).

For more detailed information or sales inquiries, please visit Cyclomedia

In 2010 Aerodata will again undertake this mega aerial photography project.

At this moment the first photos have already been acquired.

Aerodata thermal survey of Laval (FR) – Mar 3rd, 2010

Very recently Aerodata Int. Surveys executed thermal survey flights over Laval in France for which purpose one of Aerodata’s survey aircraft was equipped with a downward looking, dedicated thermal camera, just as with previous Aerodata thermal projects.

JCI (Junior Chamber International) has posted this short film of the project on their website (in French).

The thermal camera used is able to record temperature values with an accuracy of up to 0.1 degree centigrade.

The flight is done in the coldest period of the night or early in the morning when the contrast in temperature between heated objects and the surrounding areas are at their greatest.

The result of such a survey is a digital map of temperatures, that can be overlayed with a normal map of the city.

Analysis of the data shows for instance heat loss phenomena due to improper insulation in houses or other buildings. This information can then be used to improve insulation and minimize the loss of heating energy.

For more thermal information visit our thermal section

Bordeaux releases thermography movie – Mar 1st, 2010

The City of Bordeaux, locally also known as La CUB, has released a movie on their thermography project.
The project, executed in February 2009 by Aerodata Int. Surveys, in close cooperation with Aerodata France and ITC, consisted of 4 nighttime missions of the Bordeaux area.

Following the delivery of the thermal data, the city has produced this movie to promote its thermography website and energy awareness to its inhabitants.

For more thermal information visit our thermal section