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ERDAS Image Web Server (IWS) an optimized low cost solution for your Geoportal

…Fastest Image Server on the Planet…

ERDAS Image Web Server’s optimized tile delivery enables you to quickly deliver massive amounts of raster and vector data. With optimized tile delivery, all of your data (not just a subset) is always served faster than you ever thought possible. This ERDAS solution is ideal for government organizations with geospatial data to share with the public. If your organization is interested in creating a public access website, IWS can show you how easy and inexpensive a powerful geospatial serving engine can be implemented. Solving the infrastructure congestion problems traditionally associated with deploying large amounts of image data, users quickly access the information they need. With ERDAS Image Web Server, individuals may access imagery using CAD, GIS, mobile, web and desktop applications.

Robust architecture ensures maximum availability and complete scalability to your your organization needs: – Windows, Linux, Solaris versions available, – Easy ArcIMS integration, ECW Layer I-Wizard for ArcIMS 3.x/4.x/9.x 7.01 and free ECW JPEG2000 Plug-in for ArcGIS® Desktop Products available, – Seamless integration of AutoDesk’s MapGuide Enterprise 2008 Platform , – ECW and JPEG 2000 plug-in for AutoCAD 2007 / 2008 / 2009.

Further information on product:

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