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DigitalGlobe: Launch Date for WorldView-2 scheduled for October 8, 2009

DigitalGlobe today announced that it has received October 8, 2009, as the new scheduled launch date for its WorldView-2 high-resolution remote-sensing satellite.

WorldView-2 will launch on a Boeing Delta II launch vehicle from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. DigitalGlobe expects images and products from WorldView-2 to be commercially available approximately 90 days after a successful launch.

WorldView-2: Deeper analysis. Faster insight

When WorldView-2 launches, it will be launching more than a new satellite. The satellte is introducing a truer view of the world. It will be the first commercial satellite to offer 8-band capability with unsurpassed accuracy, agility, capacity and spectral diversity expected. Along with the four typical multispectral bands – Blue (450-510), Green (510-580), Red (630-690) and NearIR (770-895) – WorldView-2 is introducing a Coastal Band (400 – 450 nm), a Yellow Band (585 – 625 nm), a Red Edge Band (705 – 745 nm) and a second Near Infrared 2 Band (860 – 1040 nm). So you’ll have a better visual understanding of the world.

WorldView-2 Spectral Response Overview

The Power of the Constellation

With the launch of WorldView-2, DigitalGlobe will have the most powerful constellation of commercial high resolution satellites around the globe. For customers, this means intra-day revisit to any place on Earth and easy access to the broadest range of geospatial information products possible from a single source. Resolution: 50 cm; Swath Width: 16.4 kilometers at nadir

Higher Capacity/Faster Revisit

With its improved agility, WorldView-2 will be able to act like a paintbrush, sweeping back and forth to collect very large areas of multispectral imagery in a single pass. WorldView-2 alone will be able to collect nearly 1 million sq km every day, doubling the collection capacity of our constellation to nearly 2 million sq km per day. And the combination of WorldView-2’s increased agility and high altitude enables it to typically revisit any place on earth in 1.1 days.

WorldView- 2 Documents:

WorldView-2 Datasheet
Constellation Guide
Overview Presentation
Spectral Response Overview
Bathymetry Datasheet
Vegetative Analysis Datasheet
Feature Classification Datasheet
8-Band Applications Whitepaper


DigitalGlobe founder on WorldView-2
New Spectral Band Applications

The launch of WorldView-2 will make DigitalGlobe the only commercial world-imagery provider with high-resolution, eight-band multispectral capability. The additional multispectral band capability of WorldView-2 is expected to enable higher levels of feature identification and extraction and more accurately reflect the world’s natural color, with the potential to benefit many applications, including environmental monitoring, change detection, and defense and intelligence.

About DigitalGlobe

DigitalGlobe is a leading global provider of commercial, high-resolution, world-imagery products and services for defense and intelligence, civil government, and commercial clients. Sourced from its own advanced satellite constellation, DigitalGlobe’s imagery solutions support a wide variety of uses for government agencies, civil agencies, mapping and analysis, environmental monitoring, oil and gas exploration, infrastructure management, Internet portals, and navigation technology. With advanced collection sources and a comprehensive ImageLibrary containing more than 730 million square kilometers of imagery and imagery products, DigitalGlobe offers a range of on- and off-line products and services designed to enable clients to access and integrate imagery seamlessly into business operations and applications. For more information, please visit

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