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ERDAS announces the official release of ERDAS APOLLO 2011, now available for download on the ERDAS website.

ERDAS APOLLO is an enterprise solution for managing and delivering massive volumes of distributed geospatial data and imagery. This server-based offering is available in three product tiers to suit a wide spectrum of organizations – from those that simply need a very low-cost, remarkably fast image server to those requiring a comprehensive data management system.

ERDAS APOLLO 2011 further improves the reliability and scalability of the system via clustering, in which multiple servers work in concert to improve performance. Clustering increases the number of users the system can serve and improves system reliability by allowing other servers to handle requests if a server goes down.

Additionally, ERDAS APOLLO 2011 features significant usability enhancements. Base maps from Microsoft Bing Maps are now available in both the ERDAS APOLLO Web Client and the ERDAS TITAN Client, providing a premium map-viewing experience. Users may choose from three different map sources: Bing Maps Roads (a map with roads and labels), Bing Maps Aerial (an aerial imagery map) and Bing Maps Hybrid (an aerial map with roads and labels).