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EMT turns to GMV for setting up its corporate GIS

Madrid‘s Municipal Transport Company ( Empresa Municipal de Transportes : EMT) has awarded GMV the contract for the design, development and implementation of a new IT system based on GIS technology (Geographic Information Systems) for improving specific management applications of its service.

The new system will make Madrid‘s public transport system easier to run for EMT‘s personnel, providing them with a series of specific functions based on a service-oriented architecture.
The new system will allow the actual bus routes to be compared with the theoretical expected movements over time. An analysis of fact and theory will then allow very valuable conclusions to be drawn on the quality of the service offered (punctuality, frequency, regularity, black spots, etc.).
The system will also allow detailed studies to be carried out of late- and early-running on the various bus lines, varying the scheduled timetables to suit.
The system will deal with enquires on bus lines and stops, in terms of speed, occupation and timetables, within certain timebands. The objective will be to analyze the behavior of supply and demand for the service to bring it into line with the real needs of the particular region.
A data model based on a Geographic Information System (GIS) will also be set up to give a great number of users access to the integrated information supplied by the new systems and bring it into relation with the city‘s actual geographical layout.
Once the first phase is in place, the project will serve as the basis for all EMT‘s future IT developments with geographical components.
This is Spain‘s first ever corporate GIS built up on ESRI 9.2; the time span for its execution is 12 months.
(Source GMV)