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GAF AG to Establish a Computerized Mining Title Cadastre for Nigeria

GAF AG has been awarded a contract to set-up a new computerised and countrywide mining cadastre system for Nigeria.

After the successful completion of contract negotiations GAF has started work on-site in June 2007. The project aims to improve governance in the mining sector, through the establishment of a transparent system to grant, manage and cancel permits. The efficient and reliable management of mining titles is considered as a backbone to increase investment and growth in the mining sector of Nigeria.
Activities include set-up of the new computerized mining cadastre in Nigeria, training, database generation and institutional strengthening. A key component is the design and development of the computerised mineral titling system SIGTIM which will be especially conceived for the new mining law in Nigeria – for the benefit of the administration, miners, investors as well as the public.
Works will be performed for the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development, Abuja, Nigeria. The project duration is 12 months, with a subsequent phase of maintenance and support of 12 months. Activities are funded by the World Bank, International Development Association. The contract value amounts to 1 million EUR. The activities in Nigeria follow countries like DRC, Madagascar and Namibia, where GAF has set-up already nation-wide computerised mining titling systems, which are now successfully in operation since several years.
About GAF:
GAF AG is an international company with leading competence and expertise in applied remote sensing and spatial information systems. GAF AG offers a comprehensive portfolio of services ranging from supply of geo-data (e.g. satellite and aerial imagery, digital elevation models), and geo-services (e.g. image processing, thematic mapping, GIS/DBMS applications and software development). GAF AG has a proven track-record in performing technical assistance projects in the overall natural resources sector and delivering customized geological and land information systems.
(Source GAF AG)