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Editorial Spring 2017

EARSC Offers more to its Members!

The last few weeks have been highly significant in the development of the EARSC. On 13th March, we moved into an office for the first time in our 27 year history!! It became a necessity due to the second major change – all in the same week – where we have recruited 2 new persons to work for EARSC so that we are now 5 in total. Emmanuel Pajot and Natassa Antoniou have joined us to drive our programmes on the Marketplace Alliance and a much stronger Market Development programme. We are very pleased to add their skills to those of Mónica, Ariane and myself and to deliver even more value for our members.

I am often asked about what EARSC offers for a company considering to become a member. The answer is that it depends on the company and what they are searching for as different companies get different benefits from being members of the Association.

Each company benefits from different parts of our programme to which they all have equal access.

In the first place, some companies join EARSC for the networking opportunities which we can offer. The chance to meet other companies and potential partners through various meetings and events. For small enterprises and start-ups this can be as valuable as it is for larger companies. It gives them opportunities to partner for proposals or to exchange information related to their products or their national bases.

Some companies place great value on the intelligence information which they have access to. On one level, we are often asked to promote news of events, tenders, surveys etc by both public stakeholders (EC and ESA), other associations or networks (Eurogi, Eurisy, Nereus) and projects whether we are part of them or not (linked to H2020, ESA, GEO, etc). On a deeper level, we provide a monthly report to all members which contains news of the Association but also much news about the sector. Members also have access to a collated Business Intelligence service which we call eoSCAN. It is part of the member’s portal which offers intelligence on the EO market.

One specific service which we hope to develop further is news on tenders and bid opportunities. As soon as we are notified or become aware of any such opportunities, we post this into the dedicated portal area. If as an organisation procuring EO products reading this you wish to spread news of any tender you release, then just let us know and we shall promote it to our members through the Portal.

Members also benefit from being part of the network which we promote. We are at many meetings and conferences where we present the Association and, with the EARSC brand identity getting wider recognition, members are recognised as being part of EARSC which can lead to opportunities in many different ways.

Which brings me to eoPAGES and our certification scheme. The former is a brokerage site where companies can promote the services which they offer. It enables customers for bespoke services find suppliers which can meet their needs. In the future, we shall be developing the eoMALL which will offer the same service for on-line services. Either can also help companies find partners for projects and you will find a database of African companies in Africa eoPages

The certification scheme provides an effective way for companies to achieve a recognised level of their management processes. It can be used to achieve ISO9001 certification or an EARSC certification if they do not wish to invest in full ISO.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, we have a growing activity devoted to market development. This covers both commercial sectors and exports. We already have some agreements with companies or Associations in Japan, Africa and Latin America and we shall extend this shortly. We plan to organise presence and stands at international workshops, conferences and trade shows as well as B2B events. Our next event is in 3 weeks’ time in Pretoria during the ISRSE2017 and we are looking at other possibilities later in the year. This activity we expect to grow significantly in the coming years.

Any European company offering EO services can be a full member of the Association whilst any other organisation can be an observer. Come and join us!

Geoff Sawyer
EARSC Secretary General