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Earthstar Geographics Continues Upgrades to TerraColor® 15-Meter Global Satellite Imagery

Earthstar Geographics LLC (San Diego, CA, USA) today announced the release of the latest round of upgrades to their TerraColor 15-meter global satellite imagery dataset.

Most of the upgrades were made to reduce cloud cover in problem areas such as Tierra del Fuego, the Kamchatka Peninsula and many other regions using precision terrain corrected Landsat 7 imagery. The current upgrades are part of an ongoing program to improve the TerraColor dataset, and many examples are provided in a PDF file on the company’s website.

“We continue to upgrade TerraColor in our effort to produce the world’s most complete medium resolution global satellite imagery dataset with the least cloud cover,” said Eric Augenstein of Earthstar Geographics. “Future upgrade targets include the cloudy equatorial regions in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia, as well as other areas. “

TerraColor is a precision orthorectified global imagery base map built primarily from Landsat 7 satellite imagery. Applications include web-based mapping, GPS tracking, 3 D visualization, GIS backdrops, television, print and film images, military/defense logistics, flight simulation, accurate cartographic mapping and many others. TerraColor provides complete pole-to-pole global coverage, and is processed using Earthstar’s global ocean mask to remove clouds, ice, and image edges from ocean areas. The product may be purchased with either a standard blue ocean or a bathymetric color shaded relief ocean fill.

About Earthstar Geographics LLC

Earthstar Geographics LLC specializes in products and services for the geospatial data industries with over 20 years experience in satellite remote sensing and image processing. For complete information on the TerraColor imagery, visit the TerraColor website at