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EARSC welcomes two new members!

Following a Membership Campaign, the EARSC Board is glad to welcome two New Companies in our Association: CLS and ScanEX

On EARSC behalf, we are certain that new Members will contribute actively to the aims of EARSC enthusiastically involved in coordinating and strengthening the Earth-observation chain and promoting the European Earth observation industry.

The membership increase encourage us in the Board of Directors to continue to do our best to fulfill the tasks that you as members could expect of the association. On EARSC behalf, Welcome!

More information about new member at:


Observing our planet from space has revolutionised understanding and protection of our environment. At the core of this system: Argos beacons, altimeters for ocean observation, space radars which monitor maritime regions. The CNES subsidiary operates and/or processes data from more than 80 instruments on board nearly 40 satellites.

Through its renowned expertise and experience acquired more than 20 years of operating satellite systems, CLS is a major contributor to global efforts in the field of environmental monitoring, sustainable management of marine resources and maritime safety. Our solutions offer direct operational support to government, institutions and industries working in these areas.

CLS’s forward-looking vision is turned toward guaranteeing quality of service to customers at all times. Our teams strive constantly to provide the best service and obtain the most accurate environmental data. Because the more we understand about Earth’s mechanisms, the better we can predict its evolution and safeguard its natural resources.



RDC ScanEx is ready to share the technologies to find a most effective solution.

Do you require regular monitoring of the territories or separate objects? Do you want to have continually updated independent information about the region of interest handy? Create your own monitoring center based on our station.

Do you keep an eye on the fires, floods and ice situation? Use our service offering real-time Internet images.

Do you need several images from space or a sequence of multi-temporal images? Use our interactive catalog to search for the data in archives.

Your have made up your mind to process the space images and to receive thematic products yourself? Use our software applications.

Are you looking for partners, who can help you out to resolve your tasks? Use the services of our specialists to develop thematic projects.