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EARSC welcomes new member!

EARSC Board is glad to welcome FLYBY s.r.l. as new Member in our Association

On EARSC behalf, we are certain that FLYBY will contribute actively to the aims of EARSC enthusiastically involved in coordinating and strengthening the Earth-observation chain and promoting the European Earth observation industry in programmes such as GMES and GEOSS.

EARSC Membership is nowadays increasing which encourage us in the Board of Directors to continue to do our best to fulfill the tasks that you as members could expect of the association. On EARSC behalf, Welcome!


Flyby was funded in 2001 with the main aim of assimilating the results obtained within the remote sensing scientific community, improve their theoretical models and transform them into applications for the public and into commercial products. Optical EO satellite data has been a valuable source since the beginning and allowed for the delivery of several products based on following information:

- on ground solar Energy for photovoltaic plants – on ground UV radiation intensity – on ground cloud index – sea water transparency and temperature – sea concentration of various substances – detection and classification of sea oil spills – sea floor bathymetry – forest fires detection

Flyby collaborates with important public bodies and private companies, both involved either at the level of users in European funded project or as partners in commercial projects.

More information about the new member at FLYBY

EARSC Membership

EARSC membership represents the entire spectrum of the Earth Observation industry including all sector chain: providers, stakeholders and users. For our members, the annual membership dues are a cost-effective way to stay informed, promote their company, political and institutional representation, networking opportunities with industry players and help support the future of Earth Observation. Industry together could transform activities into meaningful action on behalf of our sector.

EARSC membership is composed by

CORPORATE MEMBERS: Any commercial European company or partnership offering and undertaking consulting and contracting services or supplying equipment in the field of remote sensing which is based in a European Country which contributes to the European Space Agency or which is a member of the European Community shall be eligible for membership.

OBSERVER MEMBERS: Companies from countries associated to European programs but not eligible for full membership. Any active representative organization, institution or association party in the field of Earth observation and not engaged in commercial or profit-making activities such as Public/Governmental Bodies, International Organisation, International Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), Private Non Profit Organisation/Foundation, Network/Association/Aggregation of Intermediaries(profit or non profit), Business Association, Universities, other?) with interest in Earth Observation.

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